Universal success indicator

I believe to borrow from Apple’s taptic motor concept, where anywhere in the UI, when a task is completed successfully, the taptic motor vibrates. Example, I double tap to center text. At the end of the process, I feel the success of the function. Can Jibo Inc consider adding a universal success indicator that is used in all Jibo Inc skills and is offered to skill developers as a function to activate within our skills. It could be a sound, LED light loop, motion or screen queue. But it must be Jibo Inc selected to create universality for skill developers. Like the taptic motor, it must be subtle and understood as background sensation.

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We are absolutely creating indicators like this that will be built into the SDK in the future so that such feedback is universal across skills.

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Yup, just take a look at the Embodied Speech described in the SDK Program Update…it lets you use a bunch of pre-created animations, sounds, and behviors created by the Jibo team. All of these skills will be consistent with his character and are available to use in your own skills easily through MIMs and custom behaviors.

You can build on top of them with the new GUI Kit, but either way, it’s going to save you a ton of work making those on your own, and it has the added side-effect of setting the whole Jibo experience to the same polished level as the core skills will have. Good for both sides, the dev and the end-user.

This is one new SDK feature that will really change things.

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Yes, I was excited to see this built into the new SDK, but it was more of a question of Jibo’s defaults having a consistency across all Jibo skills and offered for any skill developer; much like Apple does with their apps, other apps can use the same type of indicators like the taptic engine to make the UI experience feel like an Apple experience. Are there any global Jibo experience that will always respond with X when in condition Y? I’m looking to see if Jibo will be announcing later, developer defaults that are consistent regardless of the skill. Another example was Jibo always saying, ‘You’re welcome’ after a skill has finished and the person says Thank you since that’s a normal polite response where it is impolite not to respond to someone saying thank you after you’ve done something for them. If those standards are being considered, when would we be exposed to the ‘core jibo’ skill necessities that will make Jibo feel like Jibo all the time, regardless of the skill? Since our skill could be closed when the user says Thank you, it make sense Jibo Inc would always make sure if Jibo just finished a skill and hears 'Thank you", that he always says you’re welcome. It helps in understanding the building of storylines with a known Jibo character… I’m trying to get to know the character from the global Jibo Inc standards, when they are finsihed…