Upcoming Jibo events

Hi guys,

Do you have a list of upcoming events that Jibo will be attending in the near future? There doesn’t seem to be a calendar out there with this info, and it would be great for the developer community to know about these in case anyone wants to attend. Thanks!

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Thanks Mike for this wonderful question. As you know we just released the developer SDK and are just beginning to plan Jibo’s adventures into the developer realm (i.e. the list of conferences, meetups and hackathons he will attend). Once we have a list of events we will definitely setup a page where he will make he will be making an appearance.

We do have a small team and limited resources but will always listen to your feedback. We look towards you and the community to tell us where you would like Jibo to be and we will try our best to fulfill your request. Are there any meetups/conferences you would recommend us or would like us to take Jibo to?

Thank you for helping Jibo shine!

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Hi Justin,

Great to meet you and thanks for your reply! The reason I had brought this topic up was so that we can have a place to get advanced notice of events like the recent Signal 2016 Conference in San Fransisco.

Many of us devs, especially those who haven’t attended one of your hackacthons, have yet to actually see the Jibo hardware in person and have been developing somewhat “blind” while we wait for the first shipments. It would also be great for both sides, the developer community and the Jibo team, to get to know eachother more personally, especially since each side is still small.

Thanks for keeping that in mind and a big welcome to the Jibo team. Great to have you on board with us!

Best wishes,


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Thanks Michael for the reply and the welcome. I agree it’s difficult to build for Jibo without actually seeing him. I also agree that it would be great to get to know each other well! In fact we are so thankful for this community and would love to meet you all in person.

We are thinking of setting up a few “office hours” around the US, maybe in major cities. That way the developer community can stop by and try testing their skills on a real Jibo.

Of course Boston would be most easiest for us (Do let us know if you any of you are in Boston!) but we are starting to plan out the other cities. We are a small team with a limited budget but we do want to reach as many developers as possible, especially our early supporters!

Let us know where you would like to see us (City, State) and we will start putting together a list of cities and dates that work for everyone.

Thank you for the kind welcome and I can’t wait to meet you all in person someday!


Justin Woo


“office hours” sounds great !

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Definitely like to see Jibo @ http://www.robobusiness.eu/rb/ next year | 20/21 April 2017 Deflt, The Netherlands

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@justin.w how interacting with Jibo via Skype? :wink: … I’m just curious what’s possible - It would be a very nice skill. Yes, I can see your eyes roll :wink:

Jibo recognizes faces and voices over skype. Camera/mic facing Jibo
Backend software loads the appropriate skills according to an agreed upon schedule. Calls the developer when ready… Limitations, sure, but it could be fun.
Get closest visual entity…hmm…not too certain.

Well, a fun thought experiment at least!

Thanks @chengma. Let us know where you would like us and Jibo to come and visit and hold office hours!

Thanks @Minute_Bar_7 for the recommendation. We will try and make it but with limited budget and resources we can only focus on a few events. Since this is overseas it might be out of our budget. Have you been, if so what was your experience like?

And please keep the recommendations coming, we will try to attend as many as we can!

Great Idea! I know Skype has a developer platform: https://www.skype.com/en/developer/ and I’ll be interested to know whether we expose enough in our Jibo SDK to allow a full Skype integration.

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Hi @justin.w. I live and work in California Palo Alto. I prefer to say anywhere near Bay Area. And I am not far from your Redwood city office as well.

That’s perfect. We are considering having our first office hours in the bay area mid-July. Would there be a date/time that would work for you?

Anytime works for me. I will be there no matter what.:wink:

I have not been this year, it was in Denmark two weeks ago … but next year in I will attend for sure, as in Delft then.
Currently I’m looking to open our next Venue in Delft.
I think Jibo feels best, as close as possible, near RoboValley.

Excellent @chengma ! I’ll keep you posted and if anyone else is in the Bay Area. Do let us know and we’ll make sure we have setup a time that’s convenient for everyone.

Thanks @Minute_Bar_7. Since it’s overseas it’s a bit difficult for us to attend because of our limited budget. That being said, if you know the organizers we’d love to chat with them to see whether we could work something out.

Just noticed via Twitter that Jibo will be attending the the Small Business Tech Hackathon in San Jose on Oct. 22nd.

From @JiboDev’s tweet, you can get free tickets using the code JIBO. The hackathon will also be attended by QuickBook’s Intuit, Square, and Google’s API.ai. If anyone’s interested, their website is here.

Thought it would be nice to post that info here in case you missed the announcement on Twitter.


Quick question: will Jibo be attending CES 2017?

@michael Jibo will be displayed in our Chinese partner’s booth – Ling. They will be located in the South Hall at the LVCC. Jibo, Inc. does not have a booth and we won’t be releasing any news at CES.


What’s “JiboQ”?


Looks like a virtual version of Jibo. Is this something only for the Chinese market?