Upcoming Jibo events


Google translate renders it: “JiboPocket of evil sprouting small partners”

sounds awesome! :slight_smile:


That webpage translates horribly.


Ling is our partner for bringing Jibo to China, and this is part of their product marketing efforts there. :cn: :jibo:


I had asked about a mobile Jibo interface years ago, and there were no plans in the works. Is JiboQ the mobile “Jibo in an app,” using the animated Jibo? If so, is this only for the Chinese market? It makes so much sense to have a mobile Jibo Character, using the SDK animation run-through of the skills; especially if it’s all cloud based anyway. Can we expect this to come to the US or it is a China-only product?


Given how less than five months ago all international orders were cancelled, this push for the Chinese market now befuddles me.


Makes sense if you look at it from a business standpoint…the Asian market is renowned for adopting robotic technology almost blindly, so Jibo will likely sell very well there. It has the potential to be enormously profitable for them, much more than in the strongly restricted markets of the U.S. and Europe.

My guess is that this was in the works long before international orders were cancelled. That said, with the profits from that market, it will make it much easier for them to expand and target the rest of the world.


Long before the international shipments were cancelled it was confirmed that Jibo was partnering with a Chinese co. That was where some of the more impressive video demo’s came from. So it’s no surprise. Jibo’s official comment on international sales was that they would happen, but that they were going to be delayed indefinitely. Like Michael states China is a great place to float a not quite ripe Jibo and grab some profit. I see nothing wrong with that.


[quote=“codemonkey2k5, post:28, topic:1287, full:true”]Jibo’s official comment on international sales was that they would happen, but that they were going to be delayed indefinitely.

Isn’t that also the state of the US orders? The last CEO update had no timeline anymore.


Timelines and development are never more then wishful thinking. The best thing they did in the latest update was to omit a new target date. It will be done when it is and not a day sooner.

The first deadline was a requirement to get in to Indiegogo. The second was youthful exuberance or wishful thinking. The third was probably succumbing to pressure and then reality kicked in. I would be very surprised if there were any more dates given until they are already set in stone internally.

I’ve got two more campaigns right now that are also on their 3rd missed delivery date. So it doesn’t even phase me any more. :slight_smile:

For reference: Kryo Sleep Performance System
and: WeatherFlow Smart Weather Stations



I agree with you @codemonkey2k5. All of my purchased IndieGoGo dates were missed and with good reason. It takes a seasoned Startup team to execute to those expectations. These ventures are ideas to bring to the public for initial financing and an initial measure of interest. The expectations would match if they all were seasoned startup entrepreneurs, but then they would just go for VC funding and keep those dates if possible. But even then, those dates are a moving target. It all comes down to being an educated IndieGoGo participant; otherwise, you’re always going to be disappointed.


The website and app mentioned is part of Ling’s promotional campaign for Jibo; it is not the introduction of any new features for Jibo or the Chinese market.

The team has logged your, and other forum members’, feature requests for remote access to Jibo and his skills, as mentioned earlier threads (here and here). Thanks for those contributions. The Customer Care and Product teams log and review each and every one. :slight_smile: :jibo:


Hey Jibo, Are you interested in coming over for the RoboBusiness Europe Event ?