User's email address

A skill I’m working on will be emailing the current user some information. Is there a way I can retrieve the user’s email address from the system, or do I have to ask each unique user for their email address and store it in my skill?

Along the same lines, if a skill must request the email address, what is the best practice for getting info like this (i.e. open-ended words like usernames, email addresses) from the user…call up a keyboard or have the user spell it out character-by-character verbally?




Hey Michael!

A Jibo robot will be able to access user information for people who have enrolled their face and voice with jibo. It is on our roadmap and we are still finalizing the APIs for accessing information about users. I’ll circle back to this thread when we have more information to share.

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Thanks, Joe. I’ll assume for now that the user’s email address will be available to our skills via the API, but build my skills to have a fallback of some sort if not. I’ll watch this thread for when you have more info on this in the future.