Using Animated Gif as a texture?/Video support?


Can you use an animated Gif as a texture for the eye?
Also, what specific video types and file sizes are recommended/supported? (The Animation Editor documentation shows that the Video Layer has been deprecated, however Video Layer is still a functioning option in the Animation Editor. )


Hey David!

Currently the texture layers only support .png files. The video layer is no longer supported and it will soon be removed from the Animation Editor. The video layer used to accept .mp4 files but the feature is no longer supported and will not play video files now. The video layer was designed to use a video as a reference when creating animations with Jibo and did not embed videos on Jibo’s screen.

If you are interested in seeing other file types supported in the texture layer, I would recommend posting to the Features section ( which our team regularly monitors. If you could provide a little detail on what you think some use cases might be for .gif as a texture that will allow our team to take that into consideration when planning future updates to the SDK.


Thanks, Joe. Too bad. :no_mouth: I will go post request in the features section.


Hi @joe.t, is there any other way to embed video (from YouTube for instance or from my own server) on Jibo’s screen ?

I want to make a video explanation for the guests @ Minute Bar, how to use the espresso machine.



It is possible to embed Youtube videos into your skill’s index.html file by using iframes and manipulating DOM elements, as discussed further in these threads (Jibo Screen on Youtube, How to remove Jibo’s Eye, Improvements to the Face API). It may also be worth checking out Youtube Developer’s page for more information about adding Youtube features to your skill.

Andrew Rapo wrote in our developer blog recently about managing code with custom flow activities that function in the upcoming SDK release much like custom behaviors do in the current SDK version 1.7.1. In this blog post, he builds a PlayVideoJS flow activity to easily manipulate DOM elements and play mp4 video files, much like the PlayAnimation behavior.

We have not yet released official guidelines for video support within Jibo skills as these guidelines are still being defined.