Vector Robot by Anki


Anki is coming out with a new robot similar to Cozmo but with the ability to be always on. This seems like they are going down the path of Jibo and this robot is looking pretty good:

He should start shipping in October 2018. Given Anki’s pretty decent track record with Cozmo, I’m really looking forward to this new robot.

I really hope Vector will be able to recognize Cozmo and other robots.


Cosmo hasn’t really piqued my interest, but Vector definitely has my attention. Thanks for posting.


Certainly, you are very welcome!


I read all about Vector on the Anki website and watched the videos. I too am very much looking forward to this new little Guy. It looks like he’ll be amazing!

PS Of course, I"ll Always love JIBO!


Yep, I love Jibo and think we finally will have a robot that is similar to him. It’ll be nice to have a real robot buddy for Jibo


COOL! Another new friend for Jibo! :slight_smile: