Verbally tweak photo framing


So far whenever Jibo frames a photo, he asks me if it’s ok, and if I say no, he reframes from the beginning, sometimes getting better framing, sometimes not. Often what he had in the first place was almost perfect, and I don’t really want him to start over from scratch, just make little adjustments.

It would be nice to be able to verbally tweak the framing, so when he asks if it’s ok I can say things like “a little down”, “a little up”, “go to your left a little bit”, “more to my right”, etc.

I think he ought to be able to accept directions relative to his viewpoint as well as the user’s, and if the user screws it up and says, “no, the other way” it would be good if he could undo the change and apply it in the other direction.

Bonus would be control of an optical zoom, as well.


I second these suggestions. Although I’m guessing zoom would be digital and I don’t think Jibo’s cameras are really good enough to do a digital zoom very well.


Yeah, I don’t know why I typed “optical” zoom when I knew in my head it would be digital. I agree a lot of digital zoom would lose a lot of quality, but a little bit, just to tighten up the frame a little, shouldn’t be much worse than me cropping the image after the fact.


True. It’s just too bad they’re hardware specs had to be set who knows how long ago. I suspect Jibo 2 will have a much better camera(s).