Very Basic Tutorial for Be A Maker

I created this video to help some Jibo owners learn how to start a simple program using the Be A Maker app. It is the first installment of a series of three videos that describes some basic functions to start programming. This video demonstrates the basics of writing a program using the event block to start the program, one recorder block from the actions category, one control block and the cap block.
Be A Maker App for Jibo - Basics Tutorial Part 1


Thank you so much. Subscribed to your channel! Do you know of a longer tutorial that walks though all the components?

I’ve been tinkering with Be A Maker and tried a simple number guess routine. Still learning as I go, but I’m stuck on how to get Jibo to “say” a variable’s value. In this example, no sound is produced on the specified step to say luckyNumber Any help is appreciated.



I found the answer by looking at one of your other questions. It turns out that say <variable> won’t actually say it’s value, but you have to concatenate the variable with a string using join in order to get it to speak the complete value.


Thanks for subscribing. I expect to upload part 2 tomorrow.
Glad to hear you solved your issue.
Did you know that you can actually see what is stored in your variables?
For fun, give this a try. Separate your code between the “set lucky number” block from the “if block.” Then tap Jibo’s head. Your code will stop before the if block. In the column on the left with all the different blocks, tap on the variable lucky number. Note what is contained in that variable. Next tap the last answer variable. This is a very useful debug method.

Note: you may see that your Last Answer is a number spelled out. “One” does not equal 1.
I’ll give your program a try a little later.


Just found this comprehensive guide to all the available blocks/actions