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Continuing the discussion from Jibo's sight has cameras but how much can skill developers use?:

If Jibo were to control all video/audio, could we store it on Jibo and replay it at the users request? This would allow us to record video, without having access to the audio from the video if we can only play it from inside the SDK in Jibo.



I would follow up with a request that the robot have the capability to play only the audio or video separately, even when recorded together. Not sure if that’s a possibility without video editing software to separate the channels, but it would be nice to be able to select audio clips from a video without having to play the video.



because of the issue of ‘listening into home private conversations’, no audio will be available to skill developer access, as it is with other Voice UX systems. So, I’m arguing for video with audio be able to be stored and saved on Jibo and only played by the user’s request. This would eliminate the need to have direct access to the video with audio.



Hi @alfarmer and @mparishdev,

At this time our nearest term roadmap does not include support for video recording behavior for 3rd party skills in the SDK in the same way there is a take photo behavior. That being said, part of why we want to hear from you in this forum is so that we can take developer input into consideration as we build and better the SDK.

I would encourage you to either move this (or the other) post to the Features category or to make a new post in that category. That will best allow our team to take the response to this idea into account as we continue to improve the tool.

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Is there a possibility that Jibo Inc. will hire us to create, or create yourselves an ‘Ask Alexa’ skill (I say create it yourselves to bypass any security issues giving skill writers access to audio sent to Amazon Voice Services); add Amazon Voice Services to Jibo from launch. It’s very easy to do since the audio is sent directly to AVS by sending the audio just after the phrase, “Jibo, Ask Alexa,” sending up until there is a pause, then playing back the results. This gives Jibo most of what Echo users expect as a stepping stone to learning what else Jibo can do over time. This is easy software improvements to create a large carryover effect for both understandings of what is already being used and feeling of seamlessness in usage from what is now learned. There is already a product on Indiegogo called YUMI that is just that; the access to Amazon Voice Services selling for $349 ( Since that has a high likelihood of being release before Jibo, I think it’s important to consider this.


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