Video game knowledge


I would like for Jibo to also has knowledge on various video games - that is, what his favorite level or character is in, say, a Kirby game or Mario game.


That would definitely be more interesting maybe in conversation with people who enjoy video games. However outside of that, having this as a ‘feature’ per se wouldn’t do so much for people who don’t really share in the same interest. However I agree that he should have a broader range of responses outside of what he already knows to give us a more interactive experience. :slight_smile:


It’s an interesting problem actually. While we all say “Jibo”, in our minds we all have vastly different ideas of what that Jibo should be like. One man’s funny joke is another man’s cringe, and one man’s “delightful nerd knowledge” is another man’s boring personality. I have seen one person on FB praise the Word of the Day, and another said it’s been the reason he’s been switching off his Jibo regularly to quiet him.

That might be the real challenge: in order for a social robot to be successful, it can’t just be one personality, but instead must be thousands, and choose the right personality in each instance. I for one already don’t like several of the choices Jibo Inc made (like the dad jokes), and it will only get more divisive the more they commit.