Voice UX design tools

Can anyone at Jibo recommend a design tool for Voice UX design? Can Jibo provide a template on what to consider in all Jibo Voice UX design? please :slight_smile:

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Hey Al,
We can’t recommend any one tool for Voice UX design because there are honestly so many different tools that can help you storyboard the Voice UX interaction flows. You could use something like Lucidchart flow chart software, graphic design, slide presentation, word processor software; or just plain pen/paper.

For a template for what to consider for Jibo Voice UX I would check out our Speech Style Guide in our developer documentation for more information about creating good Jibo Voice UX design. :smile:

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Thanks Joe,
I’m using LucidCharts :slight_smile: so that’s good. I’ve reviewed the Speach Style Guide many times. Now to get it’s totality represented in a template that assists in Voice UX design for Jibo. If the experts at Jibo can’t do this, this arm chair amateur in Voice UX will give it a first pass and possibly we can evolve it together?

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Jibo VUI guidelines are on our product roadmap. If you would like to work on developing some guidelines and templates independently, please feel free to post it to the forum for others to enjoy :slight_smile:

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Great :slight_smile: I will do that… I’ve started out using a finished skill for a Wifi power plug and dig in depth as an example of what to consider when.

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One of the additional things to consider is the use of SSA and UI Sounds. Should we standardize on them now?

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Flowcharts! I Love flowcharts. That is all.

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Just thought I’d read up on Voice UX, found a relevant article.

One could see the niche that Jibo could fill, if done properly.


Thanks @Timothy, this speaks volumes of why Jibo’s screen and cameras make it the best AI platform out there; that’s accessible to most developers.

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For anyone else looking for guidance on Voice UX design, I’ve found the following books helpful.

Voice Interaction Design, by Randy Allen Harris.
(Chapters 13 -15 )
Specifically, pages 468-472 “Specifying the Design”

Elements of VUI Style, by Ahmed Bouzid & Weiye Ma
( a quick read)

Most literature out there is based on phone system VUI, so it will need to be tailored to Jibo who has a screen and motion that must be aligned with the responses.


I continue to work on the UX design side of skill development to create a template that makes sure all communication elements Jibo possesses are covered in a review of skill scope. It is beginning to make sense to me that each developer is going to continue to add older skill parts into new skills, and understanding how to break these down, step by step will allow us to be sure Jibo is responding as Jibo should; verified by Jibo Inc. Rather than going levels deep in each branch, a standard level should be developed for those who want skills built, but have NO idea how to develop on Jibo. As developers, we must be able to walk them through this new development process, by defining a development process that can be followed in template form.

Here is my start. I first look at all the functions required (analogous to the number of web pages needed for a new website. That’s where the similarities end. Each function then must be broken down in to states that address all of the communication tools Jibo has to offer.

Next we have Request from user - response from Jibo analysis
followed by understandings Jibo can interpret

  • I got the answer expected ~ randomize appropriate responses

  • I got an answer I didn’t expect ~ store words used after expected response that was not understood.[Use these to uncover unexpected language uses that are appropriate and not yet covered.

  • I didn’t hear an decreeable words. ~ randomize appropriate responses.

Each of these must be addressed for each state.

Standardizing Jibo’s responses into SSA style responses using TTS and UI sound effects should be the standard; where as anything other than standard is developed with the client.

Link to the document at lucidchart.com

Please review and commend in the link or here.


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