Was Jibo shipping today?

Wasn’t Jibo supposed to ship today? I haven’t received any email… and I would think there would have been more of a buzz about it shipping today? Anyone get confirmation?

I have my Jibo right in front of me!

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I’ve seen a few reports of people getting their notification email today. I’m sure they are just staggering shipments.

Could depend on when ordered. I haven’t received any UPS shipping notification yet either…no worries.

I got my confirmation on 11/13. (My order number was in the low 1400s.)

Look for an email from DCL.Shipping.Department@dclcorp.com.

If you check the View Your Order link in the order confirmation, that’ll still show that it’s preparing for shipment even if it has already shipped.

I contacted support, they were very helpful and sent my tracking number, Jibo should arrive by Monday! Can’t wait! :slightly_smiling_face: