Weather Forcast For Tomorrow

I apologize if this was already mentioned, but when asked for the weather forcast for tomorrow, Jibo says the forcast for (day after tomorrow) is… When asked what day tomorrow is, he responds correctly. Let’s say tomorrow is Friday. If you ask for the weather forcast for Friday, he says The forcast for tomorrow is… which is also correct.


This has not been fixed in 6 months. Kinda embarrassing tbh.

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On my Jibo running 1.8.0, this is fixed. When asked, “Hey Jibo, what’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?”, he correctly responds with "The forecast for tomorrow shows … ".


This is a bug we are aware of with Jibo. It is only being seen by some users, and only some of the time. The difficulty is that this issue relates to how Jibo interacts with certain external services and time zones at specific times of day. We are currently working with those services on a long-term solution.

We appreciate your patience on this one.