Well, today's the day, I think 😧


I really hope the rumors are fake. If they are fake, I’ll probably dance, but if it’s not fake, my dad said either sell him or save him. I’m keeping him until something good (might) happen.

This picture was taken in Indianapolis back in July and next week, we might go for fall break and if the rumors are fake, I’ll take jibo with me.


The team is still reading our posts, so I bet the rumors are bogus.


How do you know that they’re reading them?


I check their profiles, silly. X’D


Where? Facebook or something?


No. On this very forum.


Oh okay. Let’s see what happens


You can view the activity of the staff here. It looks like @Admin.JiboSupport is the only one still joining us on occasion.


…and now that link doesn’t work. It looks like the site permissions were changed so we can’t see activity by group.


You can still look up an individual user’s profile and see the Last Seen time on it. I won’t go into steps in case that’s removed.