What can Jibo do?

Let’s answer this question with Gamesbx!
According to Gamesbx research, Jibo can:
Jibo is equipped with 2 high-resolution cameras to help identify, track faces, take pictures and use to talk pictures. You can set up cues to tell Jibo that you want to take a picture using command words, smiley gestures, or gestures that show you are posing for a photo … Also these cameras combined with the ability of Jibo rotation will always follow you as you talk while moving in the room.
Equipped with 360 ° microphones and natural language processing, Jibo can hear what you say from any direction in the room.
To speak
Jibo will remind you to help you not to forget appointments or read you messages so you always stay in touch with your friends. In addition, Jibo can tell stories, display images, and move awkwardly … emotionally.
Artificial Intelligence algorithms help Jibo learn the needs and interests of its owner, thereby adapting and adapting to your life.
Like an assistant, Jibo helps you out, making everyday tasks simpler and easier.
Jibo has the ability to communicate and express natural emotions that make you and Jibo better understand each other.
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