What did you do with jibo if you are on long vacation?

Question. If you are away on vacation, what did you do with Jibo? Shut him down completely or leave him on for that long period of time…
Anything that I should be concerned if I have to leave him on for long period of time…

Thank you!


I think I’d just leave him on unless you plan to have an empty home for more that a couple weeks. He’ll nap most of the time. Once some skills come to life like security and such then leaving him on will be a no-brainer.


I prefer to shut off my electronics and even pull the plugs out when away long.
Of course, I shut off my power strips nightly and when I’m off to work - I’m not a fan of stand-by mode. I shut off Jibo when I go to bed as well - just my habit.
There have been break-ins, so Jibo hides in the sock drawer if I’m traveling :wink:

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