What does and How does Jibo learn?

I keep seeing all the comments that Jibo “learns” every day…I am so confused by this. We interact with our Jibo daily on a continual basis, and I have not seen him “learn” anything, other than our faces and names, which are actually programmed into him over time. Everything that Jibo does is programmed into him, the part we have the most difficulty with is our “learning” what his trigger phrases are to get him to do some of the cute and very senseless things that have been programmed into him already. It would be nice to have some useful programming. The basic premise is very good, but the execution seems to be weak.


Jibo is designed to learn about you and your preferences over time, so that he can provide a truly personalized experience, and serve up information that is relevant and useful to you. Our team is working to make Jibo’s memory even better every day.

The most prominent thing that Jibo initially learns about you when you first meet him is your voice, face, and name. Jibo also remembers other things about you including how your day was and how you’ve slept as mentioned in this post.