What happened to the https://developers.jibo.com page?

Hi guys,

Have finally got a machine that is up to spec to be able to start working with the Jibo SDK, and I am really excited.
I have been following this project since its inception and I have been a bit of an advocate for it here in Aus.

Today I went to the old developers page, but it is now just an information page that has no clear direction on how to get to and install the jibo sdk. I am able to start with what I have found with the public git repo. But I really want to find the proper guide for new starters with the Jibo SDK as I want to do this correctly.

If someone could fill me in on how best to start this would be awesome. Has the content been moved into these forums? I haven’t been able to find it yet.

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We shared an update about the SDK and our Toolkit in this update Jibo Will Be Shipping Soon; Time for a Toolkit Update.

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Thank you for the update. Although disappointed to read this, its also good to know that Jibo team are big enough to admit when they have found a better way to do something, and are not afraid to go for it so that Jibo can be as awesome as we all hope. Thank you, and I am looking forward to the new toolkit so I can start developing for this platform.
Also if you guys are looking for any DevOps engineers let me know :stuck_out_tongue: