What is a must for you to have in the next version of the SDK?

I’ll start. For me, to make building skills much faster and more powerful, I’d like to have a in-skill library of the following:

  • face animations (ex: weather-, time-, and action-related sequences),
  • jibo lower level sounds (ex: laughing, inquisitive, robot-like, and other sounds),
  • body movement animations (ex: dancing, wiggling, stretching),
  • full behaviors (ex: feelings like fidgity, sad, confused, as well as common tasks like listings).

That would allow me to put together highly dynamic skills by only putting together the logic and save a lot of time. It would also create a consistency across skills.

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This ties in to my request here: Graphic catalog

The more of these that we get from Jibo directly the easier it will be to make sure we keep a consistent character across skills.

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