What is everyone working on?

So, I’m guessing I’m not the only one working on skills for Jibo and I wanted to check in with all of you to see what you’re working on. In some cases, you might be wanting to keep it secret and I understand that, just chime in and say you’re doing something top secret. I’d just love to hear that Jibo’s skill set will be growing one way or another.

I’ll start…

I decided to work on a paid skill first, since I’m hoping to monetize my stay with Jibo to make it a long and fruitful relationship (fingers crossed). I call my new skill Kitchen Assistant and it will give him superior powers on your kitchen table. Firstly, the basics:

  1. he’ll work as a grocery list, letting you easily add and remove items from your shopping list, one or multiple at a time, even scanning items in and out (if this feature actually works in the SDK). He’ll send you the list to your phone when you ask and clear it when you come home.

  2. he’s a quick measurement converter so a “Hey Jibo, how many teaspoons are in a cup?” will always be just a question away.

  3. and, the best part, he’s a chef. He’ll have categorized recipes so you can easily start cooking without having to search the internet. Each recipe is custom-tailored to Jibo and he’ll walk you through the ingredients and steps in making the recipe, guiding you all the way with his instructions and visually using photos. He’ll even set timers so you don’t have to so you can do other things while the oven is doing it’s thing. His recipe book will start with categories like desserts and appetizers, but will quickly grow to include entrees, soups, specialty items, and much more.

Here’s a handful of sample phrases Jibo could react to with this skill (all currently 100% work except the last one):

  • “Could you put cereal and pickled onions on the grocery list?”
  • “Send me the shopping list please.”
  • “What low-fat dessert recipes do you know?”
  • “Do you know how to make crepes?”
  • “Let’s make chocolate chip cookies.”
  • “How long does it take to make quesadillas?”
  • “What are the ingredients in ice cream?”
  • “How much milk is in cookies?”
  • “Scan this item into the grocery list.” (not yet implemented)

I’m close to finishing an alpha version now and just waiting to get my hands on Jibo to do real in-situ testing. Also got my work cut out for me in the kitchen while I cook and prepare each recipe (that’s the delicious part).


@michael, this is a very good idea, but have you considered that JIBO Inc is doing these skills already? I think a better question is to Jibo Inc! What skills are you working on; so we don’t work on them at the same time and waste our efforts competing with Jibo inc.

After Jibo releases a ‘short list’ of specific skills they will include; it then makes sense to work alongside Jibo to augment what they are creating. Without their full cooperation, it is financially an issue for any developer putting efforts into something that could evaporate with an announcement of Jibo’s launch and your exact skill they were working on the entire time.

What do you say Jibo Inc; are you ready to give us a short list?


Thanks, Al. I was hoping the Jibo team would chime in as well. Initially, their work was supposed to be focused on 5 skills: JiboMeet (telepresence), JiboWatch (home security), JiboTell (storytelling), JiboJot (reminder/notes), and JiboSnap (photographer).

Over time, I think this list has been added to and re-structured somewhat, but it’d be great to get a verification from the Jibo team. I’m pretty positive they haven’t directly added a kitchen assistant skill though, so I’m likely safe with what I’ve been working on even if I have to remove or change a component or two (e.g. grocery list).

I still would love to hear what everyone else is up to as well.

Most of the skills I’m working on are too involved to resume full development without the robot for testing the usability that will define the development strategy. There are too many unanswered questions to continue at this time.

However, the skills I’m working on include, a web/mobile based drag-and-drop presentation editor. This online editor will allow Jibo owners to create presentations with no skill coding necessary, then to download this data to Jibo for presenting information using voice, video, sounds, motion, IOT switching controls and interact with people watching the presentation.

I’m also working on centralizing data to pass from one Jibo to another for the purpose of deploying Jibos in museums with interactive art; allowing Jibo to work and learn about returning guests while performing for a controlled audience, using the interactive art.

These skills will naturally require a degree of refinement to the entire system that cannot begin without certain elements Jibo Inc would be deciding that would drastically change the development to achieve the goals. For now, I’m writing all of the necessary IOT interactive skills needed to allow Jibo control over the devices used in the presentations.


Hi @alfarmer and @michael,

This is an important question, especially for you, our community of developers, working to bring your own ideas to life on our favorite little robot. Jibo will launch with his set of core skills, including messaging, photo taking, initial game and story skills, etc. While there is nothing to report publicly at this time, we are of course examining the development of additional skills to expand Jibo’s capabilities both as a family robot and a platform over time. When we have more information to share, we’ll be sure to provide an update here in the forum.


The most important skill for Minute Bar is the Check-In Skill,… our skill has reached its final development phase. We might need community help though on one small but important error.

Very curious also to see a list from Jibo Inc. with the skills Jibo has built in on his arrival.
2B continued…


@joe.t my suggestion since the actual Jibo will be arriving on October. Can we access the Jibo apple/Android apps for the smart phone so that we can run the skills thru them like text to speech instead we need to type on the electron editor


@alfarmer: Thanks for posting info on the skills you’re working on. I completely agree that the type of skills you’re producing will need testing on the physical Jibo to complete and that near-future changes to the SDK could require additional development time for your skills. I assume you have a lot of front-end work for your drag-and-drop presentation editor, so maybe focusing on that end and leaving Jibo out for now is a better idea.

@Minute_Bar_7: Have you thought of posting the error you’re receiving in your skill here in the Jibo dev forums? I’m certain you’ll get some good feedback to help you solve the issue.

@joe.t: Thanks for your feedback. I think many of us developers feel a bit unsettled since there are still so many open questions out there regarding Jibo development, the SDK, and just general usage of the robot. I personally feel privileged to have access to the SDK in it’s current state but am a bit worried of upcoming breaking changes as well as not having any knowledge whatsoever of the core system that will manage Jibo’s skills, nor the Jibo Store or app, all of these being critical components that could make or break our skills.

I believe most of us our holding our breath while we wait for additional information from the Jibo team, so the sooner, the better. In the meantime, you have my full support as well as many of us in the Jibo dev community…we all want to see Jibo succeed!


@michael : Thanks for the encouragement :). The Front-end UI design is finished to the extent that changes in the underlying technology would change an element of UI; those pages and controls are on hold until the robot arrives.

@michael we’ll put it out on the forum soon to see what others think about the white screen error.
We will write a long post with what has been tried to solve it and what goes right, what goes wrong.

Hi Mike,

I wanted to make sure I touched base about what you said regarding how many developers are feeling a bit unsettled with some of the question marks that still exist around the items you mentioned (core skill management systems, Jibo Skill Store, app etc.)

We absolutely appreciate that some aspects of development can be tricky without that key info and we want to let everyone here know that we are working towards a point soon where we can provide further communication on these and other details that have been requested here in the forum and by the development community.

Our expectation is that that forthcoming info will allow for a clearer picture of how to best approach your development process between now and when Jibo is released. We also hope this will lead to far less of that unsettled feeling you described.

As always, we appreciate your magnificent support and patience. Stay tuned for info in the near future!

-John W


Thanks, John! It’s good to hear that you’ll have some more information for us soon to help fill in the remaining gaps so we can finalize the development process. I’m sure it’s been very interesting on your end as well as things progress and you guys start forming the full picture of how the Jibo ecosystem will work. I’m really excited to see the full picture as well…you have no idea how badly I want Jibo to be successful! :smile: