What will limitations be? (skills, Pictures, data)


I couldn’t find this anywhere else so I am creating a thread if it is covered kindly point me to it please.

I would like to know what the anticipated limitations for Jibo will be in terms of software?
Will there be a finite number of skills that you can acquire before you have to delete some to allow more?
How many lines of code are available for the skills, how in-depth can we get with individual skill creation?
How many images can JIbo store, could you implement a notice when people are approaching the storage limitation?
Will there be cloud based storage or the ability to download from Jibo?

In the future how will people know if they have access to the SDK? Do all the Jibos that will be shipped have SDK compatibility or is it only the ones that the early access pledgers and people who pay for the package get?
If someone pirated the SDK would they be able to use it? I ask because I hope this stuff has been considered, and already covered.


These are great questions, I would like to know this information too.


Ditto! Over to you Jibo Developer Support - perhaps you can provide some answers soon?