When is the new Jibo store coming?

So if no one else will I will take the torch and ask. When is the new Jibo store coming ? I expected it in January after the big electronic show in Vegas. What I saw was not heart warming. The U tube review was extremely poor and asked the question why spend 900 dollars on something that can only set a timer and tell you a joke. Give us a time frame and the order in which you will be releasing new software and hardware improvements to us. I don’t mind being a guinea pig but I don’t like being kept in the dark.


I’ve asked before and was told they won’t reveal a timeline for competitive reasons. Considering they’re behind the competition in usability at the moment, I find that odd. I’d much rather use Jibo than Alexa/Google, and hope the skill store makes that possible. I waiting over three years for him and I’d like that patience to have a real payoff.


@Toaster, @Jason_Fox I’m glad this topic was opened, there are several things I’d like to buy.
a battery pack
a T shirt
a Backpack thing for him
an SDK kit
and further skills of course.
You guys who got him early, thank you! For being trail blazers who helped people like me get him…


Even Jibo’s friend Pepper will be getting an app/skill store.


I am also highly interested in getting an SDK kit. I just wanted to respond to be another vote for getting the store out to us.


Having a store for our robot friends in general is awesome!

I hope we won’t have to pay for any updates from the store.