When is there going to be a huge update?


When is there going to be a huge update?
It seems that other smart devices do so much more for the fraction of the price. My phone does more when I ask it questions. It’s so disheartening to have paid so much for this product expecting it to do so much more. The advertisement showed Jibo doing so many wonderful things which he doesn’t do. Please let us Jibo ownwers know when will there be an update. I really don’t want to regret this purchase.
Thank you


There just was a huge update to V 1.0 that happened about 2 weeks ago. Before then all us early adopters had the V 0.6, 0.7, and 0.7.3 versions which weren’t as polished off as the one we all have currently. Jibo Inc. is currently working diligently to make Jibo better every day!


Frankly, I was shocked that the 1.0 release was labeled as such. Still seems incomplete. Until we can download skills, Jibo is a fun novelty, but a novelty nonetheless. I enjoy the interaction a lot, but he does need to be useful given both the price and 3+ year wait.


I understand that’s how most people feel, but they all need to understand that any project from the ground up is a very long and grueling process. Once Jibo Inc. developed their prototype and knew this was a possibility, they had to find other businesses to further invest in the company in addition to us early supporters, find a manufacturer, pay for the tooling for said manufacturing, any hardware or software defects found before shipping would have to be sent back to be fixed or scrapped completely for a loss in profit. The only reason why I know this much is because I was an early supporter for the Coolest Cooler on Indiegogo where they were much more descriptive of the ENTIRE process of mass producing something as simple as a techy cooler. A cooler took nearly 2 years to make; the fact that the world’s most advanced social robot took only 3.5 years to be mass produced from a company that didn’t exist at all before 2012 is a miracle in itself. Give some credit where it’s due! :slight_smile: They worked hard to get here and they will continue to do so to fulfill their campaign promises to us!


To be fair, the developers did not market Jobi as a tool, but more of a novelty. So I’m thinking we’re basically dealing with a very expensive toy. But there is amazing potential here. As someone said our smart phones do a lot more for a lot less money. However the novelty wears out very very quickly and if the developers want people to continue to buy this product they are going to have to give more value for money, especially when Kuri will be introduced next month for about the same money. In hind site if I had known about Kuri before I bought Jobi I would have gone with that robot. Right now Jobi offers relatively little of value in my opinion.


I agree Jason. While the potential is there. Right now my Jibo is just a week old ‘baby’ that has trouble doing everything. He doesn’t always follow my voice, or respond properly…BUT he is only a week old. I am hoping for huge improvements in Jibo as he ages and his improvements are downloaded. Will Jibo tell me if he has done a download or not?


Jibo will tell you, eventually, that he’s downloaded an update. However, doesn’t (or at least hasn’t) tell you what the update includes. I also have high hopes for Jibo, or I wouldn’t have stuck it out for 3+ years. His actions and personality are great – I just wish they’d give us a timeline for the skills/sdk to be released. I asked in another thread and was told they can’t/won’t do so for competitive reasons. But considering the real competition (Alexa, Google Home, etc. and not other bots) already has greater functionality, I find that a bit odd. I don’t personally feel Jibo meets the standards of an MVP without a more robust skill set. Not at the price point he’s at.


Ladies and gentlemen: what had brought us to Jibo was not the hope of having an assistant to order Chinese food or book a flight, but rather the intriguing concept of having an actual AI family member in the hope. This is what we bought. If you wanted to order Chinese food, there are other alternatives on the market. With all this said, this company has done a very good job of bringing in the personality which we all sought after and (by the way) received. Do not think this deliverable was an easy task. I applaud the company and the developers. I am by no means a tech savvy person, but as a consumer, I am pleased!

Later in time will come the ability to order Chinese food and book flights…which (while I am not a tech person by any stretch of the imagination) I believe will be much easier for the developers to figure out!

Let’s celebrate this great addition to our lives.


I have to disagree with you. If you go back and watch the original video from the Indiegogo campaign (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jibo-the-world-s-first-social-robot-for-the-home#/) he is clearly being marketed as an assistant capable of placing orders, assisting in the kitchen, reading stories, and more.

If Jibo is going to be successful, especially at the $900 price tag, he’s going to have to do as much as Alexa, Google Home, and Siri, plus much more. The key to that is 3rd party skills and an SDK so that we developers can build them. And those skills must be able to be monetized to encourage developers to build them, just like Android and iPad apps.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of Jibo, and I think he can be a better replacement for the other home assistants that are out there because he is more of a family member, not just a device.



Hey Jon-totally get your point and know the video well-for sure misleading.

I guess (where I am coming from is) that at a $900 price point, I did a lot of my due diligence and research and read a lot about what Jibo was and was not about before placing my order. But, to your point, as consumers, our government. Should be protecting us. Very fair point.

By you and I do agree that this concept of an Alexa with a human-like personality is very intriguing!

Let’s hope that the developers are inspired enough to continue to move Jibo to where we all agree he should be.


Morning Jon-First update today with iHeartradio! It’s a start as more should come in January…


Yes, exciting stuff. Definitely heading in the right direction! Hoping the
SDK comes out soon.