Where are all the developers?


There are only 200 out of almost 800 developers that have seen at least one post. About 25 of us are active. Where is everyone?


I would say that many of the initial backers that bought the Developer version of Jibo, and of those that have been given access to this Jibo SDK forum, had no real plans to develop for the robot but bought that version because it 1) promised earlier access, and 2) the ability to customize your Jibo above and beyond the Home edition.

I would also guess at least half of those have had little to no programming experience, which makes sense why they are not here discussing the technical details of the SDK.

Disclaimer: the above is just a rough guess based on my discussions over the last year with other future Jibo owners who purchased the Dev edition.


Still in orientation mode here … but reading loads of interesting posts !


People who have moved on to other projects since the SDK was so overdue.
People who have moved on because they don’t know when the product is released or its features.
People who just bought a developers upgrade just to get it earlier, or to get a battery.
People who are just hobbyists, but want to use the physical Jibo instead of the simulator.
People who are upset about the lack of communication, and no demonstration of viable skills after 2 years.
People who just got too excited from the video and just lost interest over time.

Maybe they should do another survey to answer your question? I don’t think that would happen until after the April 29th update. I’m just a hobbyist, hoping to update my programming skills using Jibo as an incentive. Nobody programs in Fortran 77 anymore. I’m excited to get a Jibo at some point, for my own interest. I’m having my doubts though that Jibo will become a common household item with the delays and all the competition coming out.

Still hopeful,


I know it took me a while to move from the SDK documentation to the Forum, so that’s another one :slight_smile: Perhaps a new email that asks, “We noticed many of you have not visited the Forum. Do you want to speak with a Jibo team member and the rest of your fellow developers in the forum; that’s where all the action of early development takes place.” I think that message would have gotten me here faster :slight_smile:


Can Jibo Send out a mailing to all the developers here with a link to identify if they are NOT a developer and only purchased that perk for an advanced Jibo, so we can clean up this forum and get a better handle on how many there are of us? I noticed the same message sent out 3 times, with no change to the message. That message would be ignored by all people in this category, so a new message targeting them would be a better way to distinguish between our community and those who are interested in Jibo only. Plus, Jibo would also be able to add those people to the customer list and take them off the developer list. Thoughts everyone?


Sounds like effort with no benefit, so I don’t understand the suggestion.

It might be good for them to do a survey, understand who are hobbyists, amateur developers, students, or actual developers hoping to sell skills in the store. That way they could gear the SDK training documentation better. Hobbyists wouldn’t read things they will never use, developers wouldn’t read stuff they already know. Some minor benefits.


Yes, that’s the idea, cull the group into categories. I want to know how big the developer community is as it grows; to predict demand for skill development and supply of available Jibo Skill development teams required.


I can only speak for myself as to why i have not jumped into the forum. First, I am learning the development environment. I am a full time engineering manager of a domotics company and most of my time is spent on the design/hardware-side and I do not get to work/play on the software side to much, that is what the programming dept. is for. LOL But I am designing and implementing what I consider to be a useful skill. I have not run into any problem that the documents or a post on this forum has not solved.

Secondly, I have concerns about the status and structure of the app store. You have only to look at the echo to see that the small developer has no way to monetize his work/effort. Until some things shake out here, the investment of too much time is a bit risky in my estimation.


Thank you @terrywisniewski, I too have some concerns that people will have development issues for this reason until the SDK is stable and the Skill Store is fully vetted, so this was a very helpful comment.


I have to say that “we don’t support Linux” pretty much sucked the wind out of my sails.

You want developers? Don’t give me instructions on how to install on Windows…

Just my $0.02…


The role “skill developer” is rather too narrow for me. Jibo ecosystem should provide many creative people (commercial developers, hobbyists, students) an outlet to contribute to both skillls, but also the asset store - if I understood that correctly. Existing asset producers (pros, hobbyists) might find it easy to move into the Jibo ecosystem based on their experience/business in other ecosystems.

As in other ecosystems (gaming, graphic, animations,etc ), members are both consumers and producers. A consumer might need a skill or an asset depending on their needs or interests. There are many goods and services that can be provided not only to the Jibo end user, but also to the hobbiest as well as the professional developers. I’ll perhaps download/buy a useful skill as needed. However, to support my development for demos/prototypes, products -I might license assets such as animations, graphics, audio, behaviours, and even supporting software components (connectors to this and that…and so on).

I expect other groups will evolve later as desired -right now, it’s a good place to learn, share knowledge+learn, and slowly build a community, and potentially find collaborators…

Anyways we’ll learn more about asset SDK and stores. Speculation for now about store composition. My thoughts follow the trends I’ve seen. Please correct any misstatemensts on my part

best, Bob


Hi, my name is Matt Parish. I just started the install process and Hello World project last night, but I’m excited to continue learning more about the SDK and the available options.

As far as my activity is concerned, and to answer some of the questions about skill (hobbyist vs. actual dev), I am a full time software developer at a game company and also develop my own analog and digital games in my free time. While JIBO is definitely moving up slowly in my priority list, these other things come first as I continue to wait for more updates and actual delivery of the robot.

I plan to develop skills for JIBO that will allow him to play interactive games and provide autonomy to analog games. I’m hoping that the store will be a viable place to monetize the time I spend to develop these offerings.

Thanks, and keep up the hard work and communication!


Seeing as we’re doing roll call - I’m Chris Verwey. I’m finding it hard to make time to play with Jibo inbetween tasks at my regular day job as a Java developer. I had a Nabaztag in the past that I absolutely loved and wished I could extend its functionality for myself. Jibo is a perfect replacement that will let me do exactly that.

I mostly want to develop skills for my own use, but I might post to the store if I come up with any gems. I’ve installed the software, done a few of the posted tutorials and watched the videos. The first skill that I built for myself ended up with the dreaded “exceeded design limits” message. Sounds like most things I write. Sigh.


I’ve got a few other projects in the pipeline before I jump into Jibo. Will be around from time to time.


Joining the roll call: I am Julio Vazquez, and I was looking forward to develop skills for this robot since the first day I heard about it. However, due to economic constraints at the time, I had to purchase the developer license as an upgrade a couple of weeks after purchasing a Jibo.

Nowadays, my time is very scarce, as I work as technical advisor in a couple of projects and also as a part-time teacher. So, although I had received my invitation to join the developers community, I had to wait until today to join you. But I hope that I can be more active from now on.


Thanks for these posts. Keep them coming, as it’s great to hear where everyone is in the process :smiley:


I’m a hobbyist as far as Jibo is concerned, but I’m keeping options open for putting stuff on the skill store. I’ve done a lot of programming, but little in the Javascript/Node.js space, and very little asynchronous programming, so I’ve been writing small to medium skills as a way of familiarizing myself with this whole ecosystem. I’m sharing most of these in the Skill Showcase, and I’m hoping other folks will start to join suit soon. (Thank you to the couple that already have!)


Well, I’m Mark Daniel Martinez…and I like robots.

A lot.

Oh yeah, and I just wanted a jump on the robopocalypse.

With that said, I have a little sorta/kinda experience with programming and script development. But I’m still not entirely sure I know what I’m doing. What could go wrong?

By the way, my wife purchased Jibo and sign up was tied to her email account. I would ordinarily go by the screen name Digital Jedi. But for now…I guess I’m Diana Ross. :confused:


I agree with Tim! Personally I think this project has many things to demonstrate now… I will wait until 29th April in order to know how (and where) I have invested my money…