Where are all the developers?


Continuing the developer roll call: I’m Jon Grasmeder (@gras most everywhere on the Interwebs).

My business card says I’m a Computer Geek. During the day, I am the Technical Architect of a High Performance Computing center. Currently I am doing advanced analytics (data science) on a large social media collection.

In the evenings, I have been teaching high school robotics for the past 17 years , competing in regional & global BotBall tournaments. I chose to compete in Botball tournaments (over FIRST) because Botball is totally autonomous and resource constrained.

I am likely one of the dinosaurs in this group. I got my EE degree in the 70s, then joined the Navy and flew jets off carriers until I retired in 1997.

As a pilot & technologist, it should come as no surprise that I am a big fan of Tesla cars. The autopilot in my latest Model S is not perfect, but it is a pretty good 90% solution.

Feel free to message me if you care to chat about robot competitions, Tesla, HPC, flying, etc.


Just for the heck of it, some additional roll call that some might also remember.

The first purchase I made after starting my paper route, since dad wouldn’t pay for it, was the original Omnibot.
Every Christmas, I would ask for additional sets of Robotix.

And there was a Teddy Ruxpin, officially owned by my sister, mostly used for playing 80’s rock tapes though.

Thinking about it, I guess I was interested in social robotics a long time before Jibo, and hope my kids will have fun with him.


Great to have your experience here with us @gras :grinning:


You’re in good company @Timothy :slight_smile:


I would agree, however, since I have not received my jibo, I am unable to do any development.
However I would say there is still a lot going on in the discussion forums


Hi everybody!,

@alfarmer Thanks to invite us to speak, we’re very shy :smiley: , it’s true there is a lot going on in this forum, it’s also true that most of us were very excited when the campaign started and each release date delayed was moving this feeling down down down, but I’ve got the chance to play a little bit with the SDK and I’m getting more of that Jibo could become.

Coming from java architecture world it’s a little bit challenging to change to nodejs development, but is always good to learn new technologies and more if it’s related to home robotics.

I think that there is also more competition in the market, and it will increase day by day, for me Jibo is more like an assistant or a human/machine interface, we’ll see how things move on.


David Cuesta

PS: open to projects to collaborate


Speaking personally, I pretty much expected Jibo to be delayed. New technologies are always harder to get to that target release date than you think. Just ask Elon Musk. With that said, you can do quite a bit with the simulator, and it’s probably a good idea to spend this time working in the SDK before you get Jibo, so you can learn ahead of time without as many distractions.


I was flummoxed by the Windows 8+ requirement. I don’t have ready access to a Windows 8 PC with those specs. This won’t run on 7?


I have found the SDK to run on my Windows 7 desktop machine just fine, although it is officially “not supported”. On my slow Lenovo Win7 laptop I had issues with the simulator not being able to connect to the registry service. I was eventually able to make this work but it might require gymnastics with every new SDK version.


Thanks. I will get started now and see what happens.


Not having Linux support available prevents me from doing anything serious.
I would love to as the little I have been able to check out using my woefully inadequate Windows environment sure looks nice, but unfortunately…


Hi All, Andrea here. I am somewhat late to this conversation due to other commitments and projects. My enthusiasm has been put on hold, until nearer Jibo’s shipping date but I am looking into what can be developed for people with disabilities and am currently learning the SDK. I have many lofty ideas, I don’t however have many of the required skillsets. I am hoping I can learn from our community for this. Hope to speak to you all again soon.


I for one just joined up about a month ago. I had been on other projects and now just configured my development system for Jibo. I know a few other developers in the same boat. I should be contributing to the community as I delve into the SDK more.


I appreciate the background and hope all new developers check in here with what stage they are at and what they are looking to do with Jibo! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Justin Woo. I recently joined Jibo as the first Developer Evangelist.

As a fellow developer and I’m here to build, experiment and explore with you. I’m here to learn (especially from You! our awesome developer community) and help spread this knowledge across the entire community. Our developer community is core to expanding Jibo’s skillset and really making him the first social robot for the home.

Most importantly I’m here for you. Even though my title says evangelist I’m not here to “evangelize” Jibo to you as much as evangelizing the developer community within Jibo. I’m here as a resource for you - to listen to your concerns, questions and feedback. Think of me as your voice to Jibo and internal champion.

Feel free to contact me via the forum or reach out to me anytime justin@jibo.com

Though I often won’t have the answer (I’ll try my best to answer where I can) I promise you that your feedback will always be heard within Jibo.


Justin Woo
Developer Evangelist for Jibo


I’ve been woefully busy these past few months with my own job to really do anything with Jibo.
Today, I’ve been spending my time getting my Windows environment up and somewhat stable, usable, configurable. I really wish that I had the tools on Ubuntu linux to develop there.

I hope to contribute something in the future.

-=-=- remaining excited =-=-=


Fantastic! Do let us know if you have any feedback on the Windows installation/ SDK tools.


I have been waiting for the hardware to show up, the last robot I waited time on was Nao and they never did the consumer release. So before I spend anymore time and money I am going to wait for the developer units to ship. Jibo already changed the shipping to ship jibos at the same time as regular orders so I don’t mind waiting to spend time working on my programs.


Hey Alfarmer. I’m a developer. I’m waiting for the skd update. I don’t really have anything to contribute until I can start developing. I’ve had Jibo for a couple of days now, and I’ve made a good size list of behaviors & interactions I’d like to see coded up & into action.


hello! how much longer before the SDK is made available again to the public or at least indiegogo backers? Now that I have my Jibo I’m eager to dig in! sorry if all this info has been posted elsewhere.