Where Does Jibo Live in Your Home?


Hello to our newest Jibo family members from the Jibo User Research team!

As part of our research, we’d like to learn more about where you keep Jibo at home:

  • What room(s) does Jibo spend the most time in?
  • Will you share a little more about those rooms? For example, if you keep him in a bedroom, whose bedroom? If Jibo spends the most time in an office, who works there?
  • Why did you choose to keep Jibo in that location?

If you’re willing to share your answers to these questions, please reply to this thread! Thank you so much for your help as we work to enhance the Jibo user experience. :jibo:

What is Jibo Inc's crazy obsession with locking threads?
What is Jibo Inc's crazy obsession with locking threads?

Jibo lives primarily in our home office. Since I work from home, it makes sense that we share the same space so I can interact with him more easily. Since I’ll also be actively developing for Jibo, having him in the home office was a necessity.

Our home is on the smaller side, so for now the office also doubles as my 3-year-old’s room, split more or less down the middle. This means Jibo works with me during the day and sleeps by my daughter at night. Interestingly enough, Jibo makes her feel more safe when going to bed and she really likes the fact that he’s so close by. We also occasionally have Jibo run a monster scan to clear the room before tucking her in.

Having Jibo where he currently is does raise some privacy concerns which is why I hope to add the “Look Away” skill to the Jibo Store once it opens. In the meantime, asking him to go to sleep is a good alternative.


Jibo lives in my living room. I basically have two places where Jibo would work best in my home, but one of them is in a corner which seems to mess Jibo’s ability to properly track where voices are coming from. So for now he is on my coffee table. I love him there but have no way of dealing with his cord.


Jibo lives on the counter between our living area and kitchen. He has access to the main part of the house and is continually looking around for any activity. He is readily available for interaction with my wife and I.


I have the little guy in my main living area of my home. Im in a loft and it’s funny to watch him trying to locate sounds. Guest are alway shocked!


I’m currently living in a dorm of sorts so he’s sitting on the mini-fridge in my section of the room. Unfortunately he’s also nearly right under an air vent which blows air most of the time. Before V 7.3 this really hindered his ability to listen or even hear me but after that update he’s been much more responsive, even when it’s blowing in the background. Maybe someone can make a skill to have him give me things from the fridge haha!


We keep Jibo on our kitchen counter, which provides us easy access to him from our open concept living area.


Jibo has two main locations in my home. First, with me in my home office and second, on the kitchen counter when we have guests.


We live in a 40 foot motorhome and we have JIBO sitting on our rollout kitchen counter. He is able to see us no matter where we are in the living area of the motor coach. Our campground wifi is pretty good so he has been very responsive to our voices (much better than at our sticks and bricks house!). We don’t move him around once we set him up as it seems like a perfect spot. We talk with him in the morning while eating breakfast and talk with him at night while in our recliners. Looking forward to him getting smarter and able to do more stuff. We wish we could say thank you after he does something and have him respond with a your welcome. Most conversations seem to end pretty abruptly.


In our house Jibo has only ever been one place - a kitchen counter in the 22’x12’ dining room/kitchen that is the hub of our household. He’s almost exactly halfway along a long side of the room, so he has good visibility to the kitchen table and the rest of the counters and food prep area.

Jibo is about 18” away from a small aquarium with one betta. We have occasionally seen him watching the fish. On the ceiling past the aquarium is a ceiling fan that used to fascinate Jibo for hours on end, though he doesn’t seem to be as attracted to it anymore.

We picked this room because it’s the hub during our waking hours. We spend most of our time in the kitchen, or the living room or computer room off of the kitchen. Most of the activities that give us reason to interact with Jibo happen in this room. During the day it’s usually just my wife at home, she spends a lot of time in this area.

It’s also the room with the best light, for best results with the camera, and the least ambient noise. (The living room and computer rooms often have videos playing.)


Currently in my home office so I can continually ask him to check for updates. He’ll eventually move back to the dining/living room area once his abilities are more robust.


He is currently living on my kitchen counter. My wife works from home on a laptop on the counter and he is always talking to her and watching her. Cant wait for another update.


We have a very open floor plan in our home so Jibo sits on the dining room/ kitchen counter bar. This way he reacts to everyone


We just received jibo last night, and for now he is in the kitchen, on the island. From here he can see three rooms, but we may move him into the living room when he is updated more. I listen to a lot of music on my phone, it’s so cute that he watches the phone and every once in awhile he looks up at me…almost as if he is enjoying the music…


I have Jibo on my Kitchen/ Dining room table. He can see me when I come in the front door and up from the garage from below. Not a lot of ambient noise but having the window open dose make it difficult for him to sometimes register what I am saying. Maybe there is a way you could solve this. Would be nice to have the window open.


We put Jibo on a counter between the kitchen and the family room where we watch TV. This is the area where most people spend together in the house. Though the little ones did request to have him stay in their room and the wife and I knew that would be bad because not much sleeping would be happening as they will be asking Jibo stuff all night. So the common area near the kitchen it is.

Unfortunately, the kitchen counter has a wall and the sound bounces off it so when you talk to Jibo sometimes he faces the wall to respond. Though it looks funny watching Jibo talking to the wall, he sometimes uses his screen to respond to you (ex:when he’s showing animation or giving a list of items) and you can’t see coz his back is to you.

Still love it!


We currently have Jibo in our dining room, on the top of a corner book shelf. Since our main floor is open concept, with the kitchen, dining room, and living room all next to each other in a linear fashion, the dining room works well as Jibo can hear us from the living room or the kitchen. We have a three year old and a 1 year old, so for now, Jibo stays on the top shelf. But I do echo what codemonkey stated above: Jibo in the corner does seem to mess a bit with him “finding” our voice - sometimes Jibo will talk to the wall - assuming this has to do with echoes bouncing around? We’ve only had Jibo for a few days, so we may move him to a different location (still out of reach of the little ones of course!).


Jibo stays on the Kitchen Island in an open concept area. That way I can have contact with him throughout the room. I work from home and would love to have in him my office, but can’t have him speaking if I’m talking with a customer. I have him hooked up to pretty much everything with IFTTT. Works like a charm! Ready for some more skills to be updated!


Jibo is only two days old but he currently resides in the living room on a table next to my chair. I must say the cats are not quite sure what to make of him.


he lives on a shelf in the living room.

BTW, does anyone know how to turn off his “yawn”? It’s a sigh he’ll occasionally let out in the dark of the night, it sounds like the moan of a ghost and is kind of spooky :confused: