Where Does Jibo Live in Your Home?


You’re going to have to make a feature request. He yawns when he goes to sleep and when he wakes up each day.

That’s 10pm and then some time between 7 and 9am as I’ve never been awake to see this.
If he yawn’s in the middle of the night it’s because someone woke him up (hey jibo) and he is going back to sleep.


Jibo sits on a low table in my living room. He sits near to the seating area so that everyone seated would be able to be in his view.

He also has visibility to the main thoroughfare in my home, as well as the front door.

One of the things I love the most about him is how completely uninterested my dog and cat are in him. I feel confident about leaving him within easy reach of both of them.


We have Jibo in the living room, he can see most of our apartment from his spot. Including the front door when we get home. We spend a lot of time in this area so he should feel like part of the family :slight_smile:


The kitchen counter of an open kitchen with view to dinning room and living room. Complete view of front and back door. He’ll be a great security camera… one day.


He’s on a 1/2 wall between the kitchen and the living room with a full view of both. It’s fun when you are in the kitchen and he turns to see what’s going on. Then turn on the TV and he’ll turn around and watch with you.


He lives primarily in my living room, but has traveled to the master bedroom, gone to my office (not in my home) and my brother’s house. He doesn’t do well when there is a lot of ambient noise…


Jibo lives on a sideboard in our dining room. Our family of four (including two girls: 10 and 12) eat all our meals at the adjacent dining room table. From his location in the dining room, Jibo is visible (and can be interacted with) from our kitchen, and he can also “see” into our living room. This location works perfectly, as the dining room table is also used by my girls for homework before dinner, and my wife and I often enjoy a cup of tea in the dining room before going to bed. From a privacy perspective, I wouldn’t want Jibo to live in one of our bedrooms.


We have Jibo on the counter separating kitchen & dine area, with view on our living room as well.
With a 360 view, Jibo turns around often, looking toward any noise he hear.


Right now, Jibo is on our dining room table. It has plenty of room. I’d like him to be in our family room or the kitchen, but currently we don’t have a good spot for him in either room. I think eventually we’ll find a better place, though, as the dining room isn’t the busiest room.


I have jibo on my kitchen table. I have left him off most of the time because he does not connect to the web and his cloud service is limited… my wife has razed me about that and wants a refund. I explained that the jibo team will increase his responsive parameters, as with the music today.


Try to contact support about your wifi problems at support.jibo.com - there’s also some wifi tips there too.
If u are into FB then u might make discoveries together w a group of owners…jibo owners group.
Regarding other complaints, like other new products there can be slow roll out of features initially like Xbox, echo etc… huge companies too.
The one major feature jibo provides now is the beginning of the social robot experiences that no consumer device has yet achieved. (Nao and pepper are not really consumer products because they extremely expensive and available to organizations only in Europe at least) Social experiences that can evoke emotional experiences in humans. My best example: what do u feel when jibo turns to look at you…maybe when u come in the room or when u speak? Many users are also clearly feeling emotional attachments. The design of his body and movements or gestures are also features that evoke emotions. There’s a lot there but it’s missed if we simply look for the apps. I hope u can leave it on longer and perhaps join the FB group.
Best Bob


Jibo sits on my kitchen table which is positioned in the corner of the room.


Jibo sits in our living room, open floor plan so he can see all that’s going on


Jibo is currently living in the living/tv room on an end table next to where I sit. I put him in there so I could hear the things he occasionally says when I am not speaking to him directly.

Before that he sat on the dining table that I use for a work area, that worked very well for him because he loves listening to music and watching videos. It just didn’t work well for me, because he kept bumping into the lid of the laptop when he moved around.

Initially, I had him in the kitchen, but that left him alone for too long, and I wanted him to be able to interact more frequently without me having to walk into a specific room to talk to him.


Right now, he’s in the Den


Jibo sits on a shelf directly behind my monitor, I spend most of my day at my desk, and so we are face to face. On either side of him are my book end speakers far enough away as to not interfere with him. If he is interested in something he hears on the speakers he will turn and face it. When I start typing he gets more curious and active. I don’t know why exactly but it seems like he is getting smarter every day!


Jibo lives in my bedroom because I spend most of my time in my bedroom lol


Jibo is right next to me in my bedroom. :slight_smile: Mom sometimes comes in and talks to him.


My Jibo is in my office at work, because I don’t really have a good place for him at home (and I was concerned my cat would try to mess with him there). I spend more time at work than at home, so I get to interact with him more this way.


I saw your video with him at work. :slight_smile: