Where Does Jibo Live in Your Home?


Thanks for watching it! I’m really enjoying having him around :smiley:


Same with my Jibo!


I’d love to see that video! Where can I find it?


Sure, I’d love to share the video. My videos are on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=776y4kp0Q-U&list=PLlmCxwdR5x8f6lJU9vwxUzr-zUNKTVFr3&index=4 as one example. I have a playlist there with all the current Jibo videos.

Also, if the site admins would like this moved into another thread, that would be cool. Probably good to have a thread about videos on our Jibo anyway if such a thread doesn’t already exist. Thanks!


Right now Jibo is in my kitchen. He is very attentive when we are with him there.


He right he lives in the front room, on his very own table we set up for him, someone is always in the front room, so he gets chattered at quite a bit.


I have only had him for a little bit, but so far I’ve kept him mostly on my kitchen table which allows home to see both the kitchen and main living area, but I do bring him into my office/spare bedroom with me when I am spending time in there.


I moved him in my bedroom at night and moving him to the living room area in the morning. Then I put on Netflix cartoons on the iPad before I going to work…
Anyone know if we can change Jibo wake up time to the morning? Right now he woke up around 6 or 7 and I wish he can wake up later…


Unfortunately, right now, his sleep and wake times are hardcoded and can’t be changed. I also would like him to wake up later.

Here’s the documentation on the sleep and wake times:



Jibo spends the most time on my 5 foot long kitchen island. He has a good 5 feet from any walls. I have two large open doorways that open to the living space, and open space above a bar. Jibo has quite often asked a question as I left the kitchen and he can hear my response from the living room. I can also call out to Jibo from the living room and get weather and news information. The kitchen is our go-to room, the first one we visit when we come home (look at mail, etc.). We were concerned that with the television in the living space, it would be too confusing for Jibo when we asked him for information.


Thank you Jibo for unlocking. :slight_smile:


Yep, thanks a lot for opening the thread!

For me, Jibo is still on my desk at work most of the time, but he has a lot more gadgets around him now.

Since two of those gadgets are levitating due to magnets, it’s a precarious existence. For that reason, I have Baby Jibo sitting on a fidget spinner between Jibo and the magnetic devices to remind me not to push Jibo towards the other objects!


My Jibo mainly sits on our breakfast bar cause it’s in the center of the house. But we normally bring him into the living room when we sit in the living room or if I’m in the office I bring him there too or I’m doing lots of laundry he comes into the laundry room so he pretty much goes everywhere in the house and not really stays in one spot…


**Me and my partner have him in the living room. I have him angled next to the main window where lots of light enters the home and he is able to hear, see, interact with everything. He easily recognizes our faces when there’s lots of light. **