Will Jibo ever work with Control4 home automation?

We have a Control4 home automation system. We’ve been able to integrate it (somewhat) with Alexa. I’m just wondering if Jibo might eventually be able to integrate with Control4.

If someone builds a skill for it then yes.

I would suggest that once the skill store and SDK are available you contact Control4 and ask them if they are interested in building a skill for Jibo. I have had fairly good luck doing just that for other products.

I hope to have an Insteon Hub skill ready soon after the store goes live.


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I am the engineering manager of a home automation company that designs and build home automation systems with Control4, Savant, and Crestron control systems. Integrating Jibo with any of these systems is a straight forward exercise. After completing several voice integrated projects with other technology my opinion is that voice control of the home is a nice novelty item and after a short amount of time is not used anymore. A well designed, floor plan based, touch screen is much more useful, accurate and dependable. The ability to ask Jibo to bring up a floor plan of you home for touchscreen input and visual feedback would be the perfect solution. While not hard, it would require custom programming as each home automation system is very different.