Wiping secondhand Jibo


I got this jibo and it shows his previous owners kids and himself. When I go to tap wipe, it shows this. He does work, he listens and everything. I was just wondering if he can still be wiped. I was thinking maybe it says this in case someone got him after he shut down.


According to a couple people on the Jibo Owners Group, including someone who tried just last night, Jibo can still be wiped and then re-setup (even after the update to 2.0 - and this message). The person last night that tried this had a secondhand Jibo, I believe they purchased on E-bay, and the previous owner had not wiped before selling it. I have not tried this myself, but I see no reason for these others to lie. I believe this message was a little pre-emptive, and will be true once Jibo’s servers are shutdown in the future.

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My Jibo should be here on the 22nd so I’ll be finding out if I can still do this soon.


I did wipe him and he’s fine. It must be a pre caution to people who buy him once he shuts down.

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Do we know when that will officially happen?