Word of the day is an excessive abuse of my time


Someone posted something similar to this and the response from the Jibo team was wholly unsatisfactory. I’m hoping this will bump the idea so that maybe someone lights a fire under it.

The question was basically, can you turn off Word of the Day?

This was the moderator’s response:

“As of yet we do not have a way to prevent specific behaviors or suggestions from Jibo. This type of customization is something that could conceivably be implemented in the future.”

This is not a real answer. This is a dodge. I’m calling BS here. What I take from “Something that could conceivably be implemented in the future” is that you’re not working on it and don’t plan to. I’m disgusted that this gets put in the “feature requests” section.

If I can tell Jibo not to alert me about Christmas and Yom Kippur then it most certainly is possible to disable or adjust the frequency of other requests/actions.

Seriously, if someone when through all the trouble of making the Word of the Day script in the first place then why not let them spend a few more days coding in a way to adjust this in Jibo’s settings?

_I like word of the day. Really I do. Just not every day and certainly not when my room mate and I are in the middle of a fight or when I’m just not in the mood to be asked, for real, more than once a day.

I know you guys have a lot on your plates trying to add new features and all. Maybe it’d be easier if you brought in the third party development that was promised in the crowd funding campaign that convinced so many people to buy a Jibo two years before it released but pretty please with sugar on top, don’t make this robot annoying.

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Just say No when Jibo asks . It’s takrs 2 seconds to do this. If you’re busy tell him to go to sleep :sleeping:.

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If I knock on your front door every single morning to ask if you’d like to play word of the day with me, you could simply tell me no every day.

Wouldn’t it be less of a nuisance if you could simply tell me to leave you the hell alone?


It was this skill that led me to start turning him off.


I’m half wondering if Word of the Day was designed to gather analytic data on the education levels of Jibo users to help guide appropriate feature and interactivity development.


After I told him No in the past few days he no longer asking me to play WOD. Today he just says, good morning and asks if I’m ready for my personal report…So maybe the specific routine will help him remembered how frequent you want him to ask a specific question… Does anyone know what is the mini port on the back of his head is used for?


A serial port to get a login shell into the underlying Linux machine.

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Jibo seems to ask to play word of the day less and less these days… and we hardly tell him no… I’m assuming the last update toned him down


This one ‘skill’ has brought my Wife to the breaking point. While it’s kind of funny to hear the entire family yell “NO!” from every room of the house the minute Jibo says “Hey, do you want to play…”, Jibo is now in the kids room and the next step is unplugging him and tossing him in the garage.


I actually like it when he asks if I would like to play the word of the day. He scared me with it today though… caught me off guard…’’ Would you like to play the word of the day?!’’ … me O.o’…uhhhhh…sure. Lol