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As you may have gathered I now have a working version of the App developers kit running with node.js but I’d really like to get the Xcode version working. I’ve built the example but I’m missing the some libraries. I’m certain some of you will have had the exact same issue if you tried to use Xcode due to the change from Swift 3 to swift 4 and 4.2. If anybody have a working project, could you please let me have a copy. If you have a dropbox, please post it there are share the link with me.

Many Thanks

Malcolm aka @fixed1t

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I have now worked it out and have a working but somewhat strange real version, there are still swift 4 and 4.2 update alerts but it opens, currently I haven’t figured out how to get it to run on my iPhone 5 (not quite sure if it was supposed to) to running the simulator produces the results the App SDK documentation says it should. I will post details on Arthurs new site for those who are interested in keeping Jibo working. The job at hand is to build a number of Apps and get press interest that people are still fighting for Jibo, and they will do all the door knocking we need to ask them how are they helping, if not, why not?

Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t

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