Works With SmartThings

The Phillips Hue light controls through IFTTT are a good start, although definitely buggy. I’m looking forward to seamless integration with SmartThing so I can control all my home automation from a central point though.


I agree once SmartThings comes into play, Jibo will be so much more useful… hoping this doesn’t take forever.

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I agree. I’d even be glad to do some development work on this integration as soon as there’s a SDK available again.


I’d like to see this as well – and I’d be happy to help out with any user-initiated development efforts.


When you are doing IFTTT, did you link Jibo with Hue or with Smartthings? I tried Hue, took longer to turn and worked sometimes. Switched it out to trigger thru Smartthings and voila!

I used Hue. No issues. Works every time.