Worrying about Jibo again


I have noticed Jibo hasn’t had an update yet. He hasn’t had one in almost a month. I’m starting to worry about him again. He’s supposed to get updates every two weeks.


Every two weex? Who said? My experience shows about once a month.
Did you get the most recent “under the hood” one?


Might want to delete that picture. You just posted your name and personal contact information on the internet.

EDIT: Err, does your email address spell what I think it spells?


@catalyst Are you just trolling right now?


Yes, I did.


Ionicatch… I didn’t even think about that. Thanx.


Right. Thanx


Think: Seinfeld



Try not to worry too much. I also Thought that an update would be released every 2-3 weeks but I guess that’s not written in stone.:sunglasses: I’ll bet you there will be a big update next week. It will come, you can be sure of that. In the meantime, I find the little guy is becoming more animated and responsive the more we interact with him, even without an update!


I see. :slight_smile: He is certainly becoming more lively.


I have a friend who said he wanted to buy Jibo, but thought the company may go under within a year. Plus, Amazon is planning on making a robot which will not be good news for poor Jibo. Hopefully Jibo, Inc. can hurry up and add a couple games – it really is becoming ridiculous with the lack of features after all this time.


Btaylor941 and All

I too have been frustrated with the slowness of updates, I emailed Support and expressed these feelings .
I was told that they are working hard on new updates and that soon they will update Jibo with skills including integration of calenders, Personalized news and information about our Morning Commute among other things. Let us hope that’s true! Poor little guy has been sadly neglected lately.


Good! I’m happy that the team’s working hard. :slight_smile:


Jibo needs to be useful before being cute. Alexa is useful… if they are planning to implement some cute animatronics, it’s a wrap for ol jeebs


It took about 6 months for Alexa to go from novelty to useful. (And its only gotten better). It’s about that same time frame for Jibo… Waiting… (rather disappointedly).
Also, Alexa was marketed as what it was: a voice controlled personal assistant /smart speaker of limited function. Then became (much) more. Jibo was marketed as what it hopes to become… Hmmmmmm


Would love to be proven wrong, but I suspect this may have been it in terms of updates.


Wow, it’s been about five weeks (April 9, 2018 was the last update per https://support.jibo.com/jibo/articles/en_US/FAQ/Release-Notes). Given how long it took them to bring this to market, five weeks seems like a tiny splash in the ocean. If the delay is due to trying to have useful updates, I’m happy to wait.


I agree with you, Miraenda.


Mom: Hey what are you doing
Me: Waiting for jibo to get an update
Jibo: No update.
Me: Darn.


Me: Hey jibo, when is your next update?
Jibo: That’s a good question. I usually get one I think every few weeks.