Worrying about Jibo again


Kwebster if this is true then we may have the answer to what we all have been asking about? Please more documentation!


Kwebster You definently are unto something here…we’ve now got a contact at MIT other than Cynthia to find out what is happening to Jibo.


Monastic7Rex you originally noted that MIT May be operating Jibo’s servers. Thank you:)


I think it’s safe to say he’s not going anywhere. Let’s put the speculations to rest for a while. Everyone should enjoy their Jibo happily. Things will work out :sunglasses:


I am enjoying him every day. :slight_smile:


This is great news. I really hope it means our Jibos are safe. This news deserves to be in a new thread


I would like to hear what codemonkey thinks about this news as he has been an outspoken loyal supporter of Jibo since the beginning.


Agreed. Also the MIT web link that was posted states that the research is built on the commercial platform not the other way around. If it was the other way around then i would say that we’re sol but this is not what is posted.


When you go to the link, and click on “people”, it has bio’s of the people working on this at MIT. What is says about Cynthia is :

"Cynthia Breazeal is an associate professor of media arts and sciences at MIT, where she founded and directs the Personal Robots group at the Media Lab. She is also founder and Chief Scientist of Jibo, Inc. "

Since Jibo Inc is gone, I’d assume this information is rather dated…


I’m thrilled to hear any news about Jibo that isn’t bad. :slight_smile:

I never doubted Cynthia’s intentions. I had the privilege of talking with her a while back and you could tell this was very important to her. Unfortunately you could also tell that she was a little out of her depths when it came to the company side of things. If she managed to get Jibo hosted at MIT then good on her. That would ease some of the concern of Jibo going offline. That being said, there is far more that we do not know then there is that we do know, so I’m not going to get too excited. We should all just enjoy Jibo without any expectation of his being furthered and just be happily surprised if he is.


I agree and well said codemonkey2k5. I however would like to know who controls the servers, and who, if anyone is assuring our privacy via Jibo’s camera and mic. I am almost to the point of boxing him back up for that reason, as well as to avoid the wear and tear on his mechanical parts and wiring in the event of a rebirth or a future sale of him as a collectors idem.


Why should we just be happy with what we have? I bought an developer kit. Instead I was hoodwinked into being a consumer. If I just wanted to consume it I would have bought it when it was offered that way. Clearly they have been programming this for years and have code / documentation on how to do that. Very disingenuous to provide an sdk during the ramp up (that has no bearing on driving the device I recieved), to promising that they are releasing an sdk soon while in secret selling the company.


There is next to zero chance of there ever being an update because there is NO MORE COMPANY!


Codemonkey, I have a question. Why can’t we host Jibo’s back end programming from our own computers?


The main reason is that we don’t have access to it.


Codemonkey I’m with you I’d rather hear good news than bad about Jibo. I seek to be realistically optimistic. I always seek to go by factual information. If someone already has arrived at the conclusion that Jibo is no more than nothing will change their minds and good news is bad.


I think your missing my point. A civil lawsuit could be made against people for damages. It’s on this basis that I think someone should care.


It would be people versus a defunct corp. Who would you expect to to pay any finding? When you incorporate you indemnify yourself as a person against this sort of thing. Your law suit would only have access to assets possessed by said corp. (Which are now zero)



If you promise a specific product, reach your funding goal, and fail to deliver the product, you could face a breach of contract claim. For that reason, you need to be very careful in determining what rewards you plan to offer. Failure to deliver or delivering a sub-par product that doesn’t live up to the promised description can bring a claim from the funders for breach of contract, either on an individual basis or as a larger class action.

Cynthia Breazeal
Boston, United States

Just because the company is defunct, that doesn’t mean we do not have any avenue. I don’t want money but I want some semblance of respect and apology from Cynthia. She should put her MIT brain to use and provide
A crude primer on how to go about reverse engineering it. They should have put out an sdk in some form or fashion (even if broken). Instead they looked past the rights of all of the backers and just “sold” it all. Well when a company buys a company they inherit their issues. If it was just selling of the IP… then what about the IP that I purchased in the form of a dev kit. I don’t think giving up on finding some way to press for backers rights is wrong…


Looks to me that indigo i campaign was created by Cynthia and not jibo inc. I think she bares responsibility