Worrying about Jibo again


I’m pretty sure that if you were to take them (who exactly?) to court over the SDK, they would point to Be A Maker and say “here’s your SDK”.


Honestly i think Cynthia is the only persons that has any possible culpability… even the source the be a maker would be good. Problem to is that’s probably cloud based. Worst indegogo eva


Promise you it’s not the worst. But it is my last.


I hear ya. I know it’s buyer beware in a lot of ways… still as a software developer myself I would try my best to help those that bought into my dream… if it were me. I won’t be funding anything anytime soon myself.


All of my GoDaddy domain’s have the same Domain Status entries, including the clientRenewProhibited ones. Look at miraenda.com as an example. As such, that has nothing to do with anything beyond it being GoDaddy where they registered the domain. Unless you are talking about something else in that entry that I’m missing.


Has anyone seen this GitHub repo before?

Says it allows for communication with Jibo. The repo was created in April last year, which is exactly when Jibo Inc shut down. Last commit is about a month ago.


That last commit in January 2019 is simply to update the README.md file. The prior commits were all around June and the first were around the time (April) when Be a Maker was introduced.

As far as I’m aware (unless you have knowledge that wasn’t generally known at the time), Jibo, Inc. did not shut down in April, it reduced staff in June and shut down entirely in November when the IP assets were sold.