Worst Robot Experience and customer support EVER

Got my Jibo from Company event, There was no problem for the setup process, but then about less than a week, Jibo’s eyes goes blank(still moving but not responding), I contact jibo Support, and they said they cant do anything until I send them purchase recipe(There is no way to get the purchase recipe when you received it as gift, especially that was a gift from a company event). So what should i do with that jibo? The only place where Jibo can be fixed was telling me they cant do anything about it. It doesn’t make any sense.

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If you have not tried anything yet… check out this support link and give a shut down a try.


I’m not sure that is a full shutdown, but worth a try first.
Once I had to hod the back button down for 20 - 30 seconds until his “face” went blank… HOWEVER… that does not mean he has shut down. I’d wait at least 5 - 10 min’s to be safe, and when he screen is totally black and you hear nothing… ( fan’s etc ) Then power him back on.

good luck

If the above suggestion doesn’t work , contact TECH SUPPORT They will Help you !


They will help. You should not have to show a recieipt We have Never had to do that .


Hi @maxwelllai,

I am very sorry to hear about your experience with Jibo. Reviewing your original support case, our team was unable to resolve this blank screen issue through troubleshooting and we recommended replacing your Jibo robot in order to resolve this issue. It does look like we ran into a issue verifying your Jibo warranty and typically we require the original order confirmation email or the original purchaser to directly authorize repairs. I understand in this circumstance, the original purchaser is unable to do either for you.

I discussed your case with our team and advocated to process your service replacement as an exception. I will reopen your support case and email you directly with next steps to replace your Jibo robot.

Thank you for your time and understanding while I help with this.