Wrong locatioion, incorrecrect time


I live in Reno, but Jibo insists he’s in Boston. He also gives the incorrect time when asked. I tried resetting the location in Jibo app in Jibo’s settings, but the problem persists. I even tried rebooting. Any suggestions?


Wipe his memory and restart.


Thanks for your response. I had tried that already and thus my appeal for help. In fact, I deleted my account, reset Jibo and did a “wipe”. I registered myself with the Jibo app, and made sure my that my location was set at “Reno, Nv.”. I went through the whole learning scenario with Jibo. Finally, I again ask jibe “Where are you?” And the ass hole robot says, “Baltimore”!!!

I tried contacting Jibo inc., but get no response. Lately, I can’t even log onto their web site. I think they are unloading as many robots they can at a reduced price before they bail.


Have some patience.


Our team has provided steps for this issue in this post.