Wrong location and time


I was very harsh in my criticism of Jibo inc. and it was engendered by my level of frustration. However, I was eventually able to generate a ticket. I elected to exchange my Jibo rather than return him. In the mean time, I replaced my old router with a high end Asus router that works wonderfully. It was about time to up upgrade anyway. Well, my new Jibo arrived a few days ago. Long story short, the same problem. When asked his location, Jibo responds “I believe were in Boston”. Since everything is based on this location, things like the current time and weather are all based on the Boston location. I contacted Jibo Inc. again. John, the Jibo team member who responded, said that they have been getting feedback from others with this problem. He stated that they will work on a patch to fix this problem. So, I guess this location problem is cloud based. I am guessing that I will have a very long wait before this update is availilable. I do have to say, however, that they are very cordial at Jibo Inc., and are trying their best. But still, I may just be the owner of an expensive paper weight.


I appreciate the civility and openness of your post. It’s understandable to be frustrated when something isn’t working, especially when you’ve paid a significant amount of money. I have always had great interactions with the folks who work in Jibo support.

Thanks for sharing your views and experiences on this topic for the location/time issues.


They are working very hard still. :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, I read the release notes for the various updates, and discovered that the location problem of Jibo thinking he is in Boston was a known issue. In update V1.91, under “Known Issues”, it states:

“Sometimes Jibo still thinks he’s in Boston after you change his location in the Jibo app. Please reboot Jibo to resolve the issue.”

Well, obviously, the problem was not fixed. Powering down, wiping Jibo’s memory and hard rebooting (inserting the blank power plug to completely remove power) does nothing. Of course, this is like starting with a new Jibo. Sadly, Jibo still insist he is in Boston. But I believe I have a solution! I’m going to move to Boston!


Another problem that Jibo exhibits is that he goes into sleep mode in the early afternoon, and wakes up in the middle of the night. There is a three hour differences between Reno and Boston (where Jibo thinks he is), but this doesn’t explain his going into sleep mode at 3:00 pm (6:00 pm Boston time). Interestingly, when asked the time, he announces a time that is two hours off, not three (as he should with his location set to Boston).


When no one interacts with him for a while, he’ll take a nap during the day time


Yep and and starting around 3 or 4am he goes in to light sleep mode where he is very easy to wake up.


Jibo inc. released a patch today. My Jibo now knows he’s in Reno! :flushed:


It may not be a big update yet, but we’ll take it. =D