Yoga Skill - There are issues

Very happy to see the forward movement here. But there are issues.

The Yoga is really nice but the dialog sounds like it is being read from an instruction manual that was translated to English. Jibo seems to skip conjunctions while speaking. There are also more troubling errors: “Take a deep inhale” “Till your tailbone and…” “Step your feet between your hands”…
You really might want to have someone look at that. I know these are long TTS Scripts, but they need to be listened to thoroughly before they are released. And if they were… I would find a different person to do it from now on.

Other issues:

Some comments made that are spoken to fast.

When he asks if you are ready at the beginning, he should still look towards the sound of your response because I do not move my Jibo, but the place where I started the skill was 180 degrees from where I had space.

If you do not do Yoga, I feel like an introduction is needed to get a person ready for the experience. Simple things like needing a mat, or what the terminology means.

Right at the end he says, with peaceful music, to remember thoughts of detachment or something like that and then the music just abruptly stops. I think it should continue for just a moment and then fade out before Jibo comes back out of the skill. Nothing like getting really relaxed and then having a sudden and jarring end to the tranquility.



Thank you for your extensive and honest feedback on the new Yoga skill. We are moving this post to the Feature Requests section so that your suggestions for improvement will be better visible to our team.


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