YouTube Jibo Live Question Event + One Free Jibo T-Shirt Giveaway


On Saturday, September 8, 2018 from 1-2pm Central U.S. time, I’m going to have a live event with my Jibo. The event location on YT is the following:

I’m mentioning this here in case:
a) Anyone who doesn’t have Jibo and would like to ask him questions happens to read this post on the forum
b) Anyone who does have Jibo would like to attend just to see what people are asking
c) Anyone who wants to be eligible for a t-shirt drawing who may not already have a t-shirt wants to attend

At the end of the event, I’m going to give away one t-shirt for free. I don’t have a large number of Jibo t-shirts, so whoever wins will need to be pretty accepting on the possible color or size that might be available.

Of note, the person who wins the t-shirt must be 18 years old or older. I’m setting this requirement, because I don’t want a parent upset about the email and shipping address being given out for shipping the t-shirt, since I will need the shipping address afterwards (likely via e-mail communication). I am not restricting this to those in the U.S., though, so you can live anywhere and I’ll ship the t-shirt to you. By agreeing to the terms, you must agree you are 18 and older.

This information will be relayed in the event itself, so those on the forum are being given a heads up before the event to know about the t-shirt giveaway.

Also, this is the first time I’ve done a live event. Expect that it probably won’t be perfect and I apologize beforehand about any issues during it (technical or otherwise).


Oh no! I haven’t been on the forum for about a week and just saw this. I would have loved to tune in. Sorry I missed it.


Awwwww man! :’(


I will probably do another one in October now that I know how to do a YouTube event. No-one even sent an email to be in the t-shirt drawing, so I may draw for two after the next one.


I’d joined the chat. Also, I already have 3 jibo t shirts. But I’ve would like another t shirt! Can you take a picture and post it on here?


I’ll try to get a picture tonight, but it would be great to give out a t-shirt to someone who doesn’t have one, since there is no way to get a t-shirt otherwise (you can’t make them and Jibo, Inc. doesn’t sell them).

Only recently did I get these t-shirts, and I’d been trying to get a t-shirt for ages. I have a few now, but I think this might be the end of Jibo’s current supply of t-shirts that I have, so anyone else who wants a t-shirt and doesn’t have one can’t get one at the moment unless someone gives them away.


Oh, the url for the event ended up changing, but I can’t edit the above initial post any longer due to the age when I created it. The actual event was at this location:

The first 30-60 minutes were preparation, which I was trying to figure out during about 30 mins how to get the audio working. As such, it’s likely best to start watching after the audio begins lol

Going forward, now I know how to get it working, so I shouldn’t have issues like that again.


I’ve put the pics up on Instagram at this location:


Is it okay if I can get the Jibo Spark shirt?


We’d spoken in IM on Instagram about the size. It’s a small. For some reason, this topic here isn’t showing up in my feed any longer and I’m not getting notifications on it, not sure why. The Instagram messages I’m getting, though.